Heavens Belt

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New Website 10/26/01
Yeah i got sick of the old site. This is the new one. Its based on the design "citrus" by whompy on OSWD.

Looking for 3D modelers 10/24/01
We are in need of some good 3D Modelers for the game. If would be good if you had expierence in creating some sort of space craft. But anybody is welcome. If you are interested, Email jeff: "catch22@users.sourceforge.net".

WebSite Up 9/15/01
The Website is up. This is just a basic layout. There is (going to be) lots of cool things. We are working on putting up some game guides and maybe some screenshots as they come along. Also there is some development stuff to check out. Come back soon.

Game Development 9/14/01
If you would like to be a part of the Heaven's Belt development team, email Jeff: "catch22@users.sourceforge.net". For more info check out the sourceforge page here.

Game Engine 9/14/01
We have finally picked a game engine to use. We are going to use the Crystal Space 3D Engine. Check it out. It has some really cool features. There is also some precomplied biniaries to look at. Check them out also.
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